The est Training, personal development program, Feb 1977

It’s 3:00 in the morning at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. 225 people have been in this conference room since 9:00 AM  with a couple of breaks. I am alternating between nodding out and bright joy. The leader has been engaging us in discussions about how we know what we know about ourselves, each other and the world. We have spent an hour tasting and experiencing raisins, strawberries and flowers much to my delight at discovering how much I miss by thinking instead of tasting, feeling. We have discussed at great length the difference in thinking about and actually experiencing in the moment our life. I have discovered I use my body sensations to avoid anything that may threaten my preconceived notions of myself. Most of my preconceived notions are not so positive at all. I am discovering I am much more than I ever thought……..unbelievable joy and the acceptance of personal power beyond anything I had ever known warms my heart, my head, the tingling in my body and the sense of love for all people and creatures totally envelopes me.

            Then I remember I am tired and hungry.
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