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Challenges and Changes

Grief, high blood pressure,

My best friend passed on,

Bonded for 64 years

Teen age troubles and joys

Gone forever

Whatever forever is

All in Divine Right Order

God’s got us all where we ought to be

Challenges and changes

Equally for you and me.

High blood pressure challenged me,

Grief for loss of my good friend,

Was always a rock for me.

His challenges were monumental,

Made mine look like child’s play,

He loved me the way I am,

The important things

We didn’t say.

Bonded through friendship,

I was one among many

He shared his heart….

He trusted the Doctors,

As best as he could,

Again I’ll learn from him,

To do what I should….

Death might be,

Simply changing clothes and moving on,

Life is moving on……..

For all of us.

Grieving is an honor,

Love with no place to go,

Grieving is an honor,

The punctuation for joy,

Grieving is an honor,

So important for our health,

Grieving is an honor,

Tears, chin twitching, belly pain,

Anguish, anguish, blood pressure,

Grief self-pity,

Oh, My God,

Dead is dead.

All in Divine Right Order

Sorting out our unknowns

Fate is “for good”,

We’re all doing what we should.

Oh Good Friend, I miss you.

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