HellerWorkWhat is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork Structural Integration is a system of somatic education and structural bodywork, based on the inseparability of body, mind, and spirit.  Through the educational experience of Hellerwork you will begin to have a body that moves with grace, ease and pain-free well being. The education is hands-on and experiential.

Following Ida Rolf’s lineage of Structural Integration bodywork, Joseph Heller incorporated movement education/awareness and body-centered human development processes creating Hellerwork.

Through the Hellerwork process, you will discover the profound effects of gravity and posture on your health and well-being.  The process uses dialogue, structural manipulation, visual feedback and movement coaching to evoke grace and ease in your body’s moving expression.

Hellerwork is about taking care of people’s lives.

Benefits you may experience by transforming your body and your life
through the dynamic experience of Hellerwork Structural Integration:

– fuller, easier breathing
-improved postural alignment
-increased ease of body movement
-freedom from chronic pain and injuries
– enhanced flexibility in movement
-reduced stress and tension
-expanded energy and vitality

For more information, visit www.hellerwork.com

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