To Do List

Daily “To Do” List

To Do List
To Do List

Dr. Dohn’s Daily “To Do” List

For better health and well-being!

BREATHE: Right now, take a deep full breath. Breathing feeds the fire of our life. Go ahead, breathe deeply–right now!

DRINK WATER: A quart or more per day. And not all at once. Little sips throughout the day will work. Coffee and soda don’t count.

MOVE, WALK, EXERCISE, STRETCH: Any kind of regular movement will do. Activities that get you breathing heavily for 20 minutes or more are best. (Yes. that, too.)

REST: A good night’s sleep and occasional short naps will invigorate you.

REDUCE SUGAR AND SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES: Eliminating all sugars and white flours will work miracles in your energy levels, your state of health and your weight.

DOWNLOAD YOUR MIND: Keep written lists of (a) things to do, and (b) hopes and dreams for the future. Take some action on these occasionally.

CLEAN UP YOUR KARMA: This is a list of people you need to thank, apologize to, make requests of, forgive, want to get closer to or simply get into communication with. Sometimes just writing them down and letting the Universe provide the opportunity is enough.

READ SOMETHING INSPIRATIONAL: Or write something inspirational, such as a “gratitude list” or a daily journal. Maybe a poem.

JOIN GROUPS OF A POSITIVE NATURE: We really do need other people…12-Step groups, civic service cubs, motorcycle gangs, seminar programs, churches, temples. Cultivate friendships. We tend to behave like the people we are around. Find people you can laugh with.

REGULAR ELIMINATION: Elimination may be the most significant health-promoting activity we can do. This is the obvious elimination of physical wastes (and not so obvious emotional residues). Your life has the possibility of beginning right now.


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