Making Friends with Cancer

            As Ray and I walk in the early morning in Bellflower the Sun is just beginning to become visible as our world rotates. We talk and create an atmosphere of aliveness in all it’s twists, turns and glory. We don our sunglasses and comment on the beautiful multi-colors from the Sun’s brilliance being shaped by Earth’s depths of weather, magnetism and air. Our world, the planets and us, are ever spinning and changeing. We speak and delve into the deeper abstract subjects of the day.

There is a spiritual axiom that says “What you resist, persists”. My friend with metastasized cancer stopped resisting and has been welcoming his discomfort. Six weeks ago he had two tumors in his brain that hindered his ability to walk and talk. Last week the Pet-scan showed one tumor gone completely and the other shrunk by 85%.

            So we keep walking and talking. He calls his neighborhood the Bellflower Street Ministry. Our religious services are simply warm greetings and smiles to everyone we meet.

The homes on Cornuta Street have been there for over 60 years. Each yard, appearance and cars out front are different, reflecting how different we all are as people. On this street are some yards with cactus and rock, some with grass, some disheveled with weeds and either neglect or allowing them “to be”. We wonder if they have the same discipline or lack with their children and dogs? Ah well. 

            We enthusiastically greet everyone who ventures out at 7:00 AM. I always pick up cigarette butts and he sometimes picks up trash.

            Ray is now able to walk without the walker, although he still uses it. He can talk fine and has been studying for his driver’s license. He wants to wait until he gets a clean bill of health from the Oncologist before he risks driving.

            My lady and I are going to India on the 17th for two weeks. We have been invited to a wedding with 400 friends of our guide. The wedding will last 4 days and we will learn to dance Bollywood style, he promised.

            The Hindu’s have a different idea about cancer, disease, poverty, all the so-called ills of life. They believe that these difficulties are simply pay-back Karma for past life deeds. In their way of thinking, the illnesses and discomforts are a benefit to completion and welcomed. The life patterns become a current act of creation to make amends. A real benefit.

            Kind of like me picking up cigarette butts and being grateful I don’t smoke anymore.
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