Love you more

Prior to the Covid lockdown I had the pleasant task of picking up my 6 year-old Granddaughter from after school care.  I usually brought her a candy kiss or tootsie roll or some kind of sugary treat.  Her Mom, my daughter, objected and asked me to avoid the sugar.

“She’ll be just as happy with fresh fruit, apples or grapes; something more healthy”

So I began doing just that;  all healthy snacks.

After the third time, while sitting in the back in her car seat as we drove, she said,“Grandpa, you used to bring treats when you picked me up.”
I replied, “Well, your Mom said that neither of us need any more sugar and that fruit would be healthier and it wouldn’t spoil our dinner. I said, okay and began bringing you fruit”

To which my  lovely little 6 year-old replied,  “Grandpa?”

I said, “Yes?”

She said, “I’d love you more if you brought me chocolate”

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