JD Blog 7-26-18

Nourishment of the Soul and Good for Digestion

JD Blog 7-26-18“It’s in the water”, Todd yelled.

We are at El Dorado golf course on a Wed morning about 8:30AM.  The Sun is no longer in our eyes, the grass is still a bit wet, there are 4 of us playing, however Todd and I are partners.  There is a faint sound of the auto traffic on Spring Street.  There is a Red Tail Hawk perched high in a tree overlooking the golf course.  The squirrels know this and have managed to disappear into trees or holes.  I have just miss-hit a 4 iron on the 7th hole and the ball sliced off into the water.  I immediately reach into my side pants pocket for my cell phone.  Todd knows that I do this when I hit a bad shot.  When all else fails, it’s nice to know someone may love me anyway.  Janice, my girl friend who had passed away, used to text and e-mail me throughout the day.  I pretended annoyance with her however I appreciated the constant attention.  Especially when I hit a bad shot or things did not seem to be going so well.

This day, however, was after she had passed.  There was no message on the cell phone.  Ah well, back to golf and nature.  When the young woman who sells food and drinks on the golf course comes around I smile at her and thank her and acknowledge her completely.  She likes that and likes me for doing it.  She smiles back.

Later that week I was talking to my daughter about this phenomenon.  I told her it is a good thing that I do what I do for a living as I get to help people feel good.  I get regular positive feedback and smiles throughout the day.  I told my daughter that on those days when I am not working if I do not get some validating feedback from someone about every 2 hours then I will find someone to smile at.  Most anywhere will work; at the grocery store, Starbucks, just some friendly smiling banter with authentic compliments.
My daughter with all her wisdom responds with,
“Dad, every 2 hours is the feeding schedule of a newborn baby”  which may be exactly what I am looking for.

Happy acknowledgment is nourishment of the soul. I don’t think I am alone in needing some positive reinforcement regularly. And then I discovered the more I give the more I get.  That is why you see me smiling a lot.

If you see someone without a smile, give them one.  You’ll both feel better instantly.

Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC

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