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It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What’s Eating You

An approach for any healer is to consider the possibility that we all, unconsciously, cause our own problems. This is not “the truth” to be forced, sold or even told to anyone. It is a place to come from, when confronting ours or anyone’s difficulties. Obviously a strong case can be built for how victimized we are by our problems. However, some respectful power can be re-established and reinforced by considering the possibility that in some way we may create our problems.
It is cruel to accuse anyone of causing their own cancer or Covid or broken arm and I would never do that. But I would listen and consider that maybe there are some unresolved, unconscious issues bubbling under the surface and would listen for them. Respectfully, of course. With my mouth shut. And I would treat their body as best I know how with proven techniques.
When I was in my 30’s I developed some serious intestinal parasite infections. I was very sick. A friend at a local hospital lab diagnosed them with stool samples. I went through several different pharmaceutical treatments before they resolved.
I was told I may have picked them up from Viet Nam or Mexico or sloppily changing the diapers on some babies at our child care center. I was very sick for a long time.
In addition to regular Medical Doctors I went to see Dr. Robert Sharp DC in Venice California. He adjusted me, gave me some nutritional supplements and then this conversation:
“Jim”, Dr. Sharp said, “Prisoners of war get these kinds of infestations and it is blamed on the dirty conditions and the food. They may contribute to the infestations however there is another explanation. Parasites and viruses are natures natural “recycling agents”. They are with us all the time and they get active when the body needs to be recycled. When our immune system gets suppressed, or we give up on life to some degree then they come out to begin the recycling. Like when a tree falls in the forest and the bugs break it down to be used again.”
Dr. Sharp continued, “You were in the Marine Corps Jim. Do you remember how you were trained that if you became a prisoner of war the most important thing you had to do first was to plan an escape and keep that plan upper most in your mind. This is called nurturing and developing “hope”. When “hope” disappears then the body gets the message that it’s time to recycle and the bugs, viruses and parasites emerge. Our very capable immune system then shuts down as we give up.”
What Dr. Sharp did not know was that I was unemployed, had had over 37 jobs in my life, with two children and a loving wife who was taking in child care to help pay the bills and I did not think I had a future. This was before I had a change of heart, mind and spirit and went back to school.
My body was getting the message that I may as well give up. Hence, bugs and parasites.
Dr. Sharp went on to say, “When we feel trapped in any situation we need to either fight or run and then relax to let our body’s immune system do what it does so well.
That was the year I ran my first Marathon, hired a personal coach, stopped drinking and seriously went back to school. Hence the major changes in my life.
At the time of the parasite infection I would have denied completely that I brought it on myself. Dr. Sharp, cleverly and with respect, put me back into the driver’s seat of my well -being.
Not like “The Truth” but maybe we choose our life, our difficulties and even our death as all part of this great experience. With compassion for suffering and respect for our power to create we can have more to say about how our lives play out. And how we can recognize the gifts of our losses have served us.
Peace and love wherever you are in this grand scheme of things.
I still run every day and meditate on acceptance of my own power and powerlessness.
“I Love My Life”.

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