Two Weeks In India


Tremendous wealth and tremendous poverty left me with gratitude. A lot of gratitude.

We had a driver take us from Delhi(wealthy, modern, air polluted and traffic congested) to the Taj Mahal(crowds, history, craftsmanship, don’t make eye contact with the monkeys, they will steal your hats, glasses and bite you).

Our driver then took us to Vrindivan, birthplace of Lord Krishna, this day 800,000 people gathered, pushed, stampeded for Kirshna’s blessings.

Then the drive to Rishikesh and the River Ganges. Being a passenger in a car in India is very similar to an Indiana Jones movie in avoiding cows, monkeys, motor scooters, potholes while driving as fast and honking as much as possible. Enjoyable, sort of.

We bathed in the River Ganges at the base of the Himalayas(not anywhere near the bodies) and had our sins forgiven. Then we visited Neem Karoli’s Ashram where Ram Dass, Steve Jobs and some other celebrities came for blessings in years gone by.

Back in the car with our faithful guides, Naveen and Yogesh, for a 5 hour bouncy, dodgy drive to Pun Jab. We stayed one night at Shri Ashutosh Maraji Ashram. The hotel’s beds were plywood. We stayed one night only. This Guru is like the Joel Osteen of Indian Guru’s. Thousands of followers. And he has been in a Samadhi State for 10 years. Yes, there is a story. We did meditate here and I had an internal experience, during meditation, of spiritual guidance way back in my history.

Then we were driven to Nakodar India, near Pun Jab in the North, to prepare for the 4 day wedding celebration. Parties, dances, Holi-Days color throwing, very loud music while traveling through cow dung and stray dogs in the streets.

The Wedding deserves a blog post of it’s own. Ceremonies, Blessings, Dancing, Music, Costumes and Formal Dress, Horses, Fireworks and lots and lots of food for four days

A real joy.

Then an 8 hour train ride to Delhi, and a 30 hour Lufthansa flight to Los Angeles.

We are so grateful to be home for fresh, clean air and drinkable water.

Grateful, Grateful, Grateful. Our lives are blessed.

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