Doctor Dohn's Blog 6-4-19

Everything is in Divine Right Order

My cousin John and I took a road trip to northern Montana this Memorial day.  We drove my Toyota 2862 miles.  We slept in the back and took turns driving.  And complaining.  Years ago, as teen-agers we did a 4 day trip to Kansas and back.  We are no longer teen-agers.

            The driving took about 24 hours each way.

            This was similar to the experiences I’ve had mountain climbing.  Most strenuous treks include a period where I question why I even started the trek.  I get tired, angry, hungry and wishing it were over with soon.  Then it’s just one step at a time.  Once at the top however it is always worth it.

            One of my advisors in life, when I would complain to him about anything, would tell me that “Everything is in Divine Right Order”.  “Including our current challenges”.  All there is to do is the next indicated right thing.  This is such a freeing point of view.  And discovering once again that complaining about anything only makes the situation worse.  We just kept on truckin’.

            The effort turned out to be way worth it.

            The occasion of the trip was the high school graduation party of John’s first Granddaughter.

There were 18 friends and family gathered. The home we stayed at was built over 100 years ago.  It is a log cabin that has been modernized.  They had chickens, a big garden and their own motocross track with motorcycles on the five acres of land.   I got to help the older boys build a baseball diamond.  And then teach the young ones how to play ping pong.

Everyone was happy and celebrating.   John and I napped a bit but still managed to join in the party.  They didn’t expect much from us long traveling GrandPas.

The trek was grueling and occasionally difficult.

And oh so worth it.

We had a great time.

2862 miles in 4 days.  Not bad for a couple of 70-plus year old guys.

And the GrandKids were thrilled to be with us.

They love their GrandPas.

           “Everything is in divine right order.  Even our challenges”

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