Wealth and Abundance

When is enough enough?

One of my patients, a young man, is a musician playing in a very successful reggae rock and roll band. He is a “side-man”, that is he is featured on his instrument however he is not an official member of the band. He gets paid like an employee, not the big stars.

I asked him how much they are paying him as they are playing very large venues.

He said, “$2500.00 a week plus expenses on the road”.

I said, “Pretty good for person in their 20’s playing music. Are they going to make you a full member of the band?”

He hesitated and replied, “I hope not.”

I said, “Why is that?”

He said, “Well, I can still go out in the audience and get a hot dog if I want. I do not have to drive around in a window tinted SUV. I make pretty good money but not so much that I have to worry about who is going to steal it from me. And I get to play my ass off every night. I think I won the game so far.”


In 1974 I was the Stage Manager for a very successful rock and roll group. We were on tour through the Southern United States. In Memphis Tennessee at Ellis Auditorium, I was the stage manager for the show. As Stage Manager I was responsible for the way everything on the stage was set up and functioning. The Sound Designer and Lighting Designer answered to me. Security checked with me as to who gets back stage. The curtain did not go up nor the opening spotlights come on until I gave the okay. I would occasionally tell the band to fix their hair.

I really felt like it was my show.

I was making $125.00 per week.

The band members were making approximately $125.00 per minute for the time they performed.

In my moments of gratitude, these days I think I had the best job of them all.

I am grateful to be alive, healthy and happy.

And I still do not have to worry about anyone stealing my money.

I have enough.


I have the gift of being able to provide Chiropractic and Hellerwork Care to people.   In the process I get to continually be and do all I can to be healthy and fully self-expressed. Not bad for a 73 year old geezer.

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