At the Heart of Every Situation is Love

This is the title of a song by Bernie Dalton.  He wrote this as he was dying, at age 42, of ALS.            This kind of wisdom is not always obvious.

            I was publicaly accused of something I did not do several months ago.  My feelings got hurt.  Rather than loudly proclaim my innocence, I simply chose to shut this person out of my life.

            Except every time I thought of this person, I stopped breathing regular, a bit of anger set my adrenaline off, my kidneys began being a bit “pissed off”………It was like I was taking poison hoping the other person would suffer.

            Not such a good idea to carry around this stuff.

            Then I heard about Bernie Dalton and his song.

            Sometimes the “heart” of everything requires some digging to discover.  Even my accuser was acting out of some variation of love that was not at all obvious to me.  And I was deep in protecting my misunderstood feelings from being hurt any more.

            Maybe even corrupt politicians are acting out of some situation of love.

             The kind of digging that will uncover the love is a form of listening.

            And it is not always obvious.

            My first step was to accept that some form of love motivates our behavior.

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