Lockdown Logic

The contact tracers for the Covid 19 infections have come up with a new way of assessing risk.  It turns out that if you have seen a Kevin Bacon film in the last year you are 50 times more likely to come down with the flu.

The treatment is 14 days of quarantine watching only Kevin Bacon films.

Really, I read all this on Facebook, it’s gotta be true.

Also, while watching Yellowstone on TV I picked up some cowboy wisdom.  One of the young cowboys was having a tough time getting his job done and he was down on himself.  The seasoned cowpoke rode up and said, “Jimmy, you’re doing fine.  It’s all a head trip.  Turn that ‘shame faucet’ off in your head and you’ll be okay, Son.”

That “shame faucet” in my head get’s real loud whenever I do or say something I wish I hadn’t.  Also that “shame faucet” gets turned up in me with my self-judgements, unfulfilled expectations, undelivered communications and the Facebook postings I believe.  Some of my strongly held beliefs are often not true but I can use them to feed the “faucet”.

Getting my attention back into the here and now of my body sensations, without judgement, is so relieving and that’s what I try to encourage for my patients.  We are all doing the best we know how.  Human is as good as we get.
Have a great Pandemic Lockdown.


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