Fly on the Wall

If a fly on the wall were looking at you, me, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton,

the fly would notice that we all must sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, eat two or three times a day, poop every day, talk and listen to people and that we all have concerns about our bodies, loved ones and futures.

And, like all life, we are born, breathe, live, love and die.

The fly would have trouble noticing any differences in any of us.

    Like the flies and all life we get to be born, breathe, live, love and die.

All in due time.  Regardless of the kinds of circumstances we accumulate.

(The fly would be watching out for the swatter, though)

And we get to seek out and create some joy along the way.

Maybe the fly does too.

Happy Everything You All.

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