Dr Robert Sharp, one of my mentors told me many years ago that viruses, fungus and parasites that effect Human Beings are natures “recycling agents”.  He said that when a tree falls in the forests the fungus and bugs begin to break down the tree to recycle it’s structure.  The same type of action naturally happens to the human body when our physiology senses that it’s time to recycle.
Our physiology is directly effected by our perceptions about ourselves and our life.  Whether we are conscious  of it or not we can carry around stories that our future is bright and full of promise and possibility and we can carry around stories that we are all going downhill fast.  Sometimes we vacillate between the stories. Our physiology will respond to either story.
When I met Dr Robert Sharp I had a massive intestinal parasite infection and a candida, thrush growth in my mouth.  I also was in deep trouble financially, could not keep a job, had a wife and two children and a mortgage I could not pay.  I was also drinking alcoholically and smoking weed to keep sane.  Although I would not admit it, my outlook upon life was of “doom and gloom”.  I knew all the “conspiracy theories” about our world and government and had stories about why I had such a difficult time getting along in life.  None of this was my fault, I was powerless, I thought.  I was 40 years old with a suppressed immune system, parasites and fungus in my body.
Dr Sharp told me my body was responding to my story about my life, most of which I was unconscious to or in denial of.  He suggested that whether I was aware of it or not, my body was reflecting my internal state perfectly.  He said it in such a way that I did not feel guilty or blamed or use this knowledge to beat myself up even more.  He said it in such a way that I began making serious and very specific changes in my life and outlook.
So I have not had an alcoholic drink or smoked weed in 33 years.  I also began exercising and praying each day.  And I began searching out people that would support a more “optimistic” point of view about all of life.
I say all this with the utmost of compassion for any and all who may be or get infected with this virus.  Whether we are aged Seniors or susceptible in any way it is a good idea to cultivate the notions of a positive future for ourselves and our children.  Not to be pollyanna or delusional but recognizing that life will go on very well.
Even now I have my moments of depression and pessimism.  Last Sunday I sank into the “rabbit hole” of no possibility and that my life sucks and who cares anyway.  By Monday I had spoken to my favorite emotional support people and was lifted out of the depressions. One of my support people says that when we share the pains of life they get cut in half and when we share the joys they get doubled.
One of my support people reminded me that we live in a dual world.  To the extent that we seek out and engage in the spiritual joyous highs of life the dual darker, nastier aspect of life will eventually emerge as well.  This happens with the TV preachers that get everybody all high and then are caught in a hotel room with drugs and hookers.
What we deny needs to be recognized. There is little of each of us in all of us.  We all suffer together to some degree or another.
As successfully healthy and happy as I am today I never want to forget the depressive downs….
Ultimately life is about, for me, growing, building and nurturing each other and when I stay grounded in this then my immune system stays up and on guard to it’s fullest.
I offer you the tremendous opportunity of Covid-19 to reveal a wondrous brand new world for all of us.  One day at a time we can cultivate everything positive for ourselves and our world.
If we were convinced we would win the lottery, stay healthy and all our loved ones would be safe and fulfilled, our physiology and immune system would rise to the occasion.
Relax and rejoice, if you are alive right now then you have won.  Look for evidence for that point of view.



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