Dr. Dohn's Blog 10-17-19

“Living” is Dangerous to Your Health

No matter how you live your life it will end and probably not so gracefully.  This may give us good motivation to thoroughly enjoy right now.

            I saw a magazine article about a chain of “nudist, vegan restaurants” that thrived in Los Angeles from 1910 to 1940.  A Chiropractor and his wife began these restaurants to promote what they thought of as healthy, natural living.  The ideology this lifestyle sprang from was the German Lebensreform Movement.  No doubt these folks enjoyed some degree of healthy bodies however, as in most everything else, extremes in any direction can create unintended upsets and divisiveness.

            Given that we are all Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit if we get all spun out in any one direction, we may very well alienate and diminish others out of feeling that we are “right” and others are not.  The health food people argue for the right foods.  The spiritual folks argue for more prayer.  The emotion focused say we need to forgive our parents.  The intellectually directed say we need more education.  Maybe they are all right.  Hellerwork tends to cover all these bases.

            In my practice and my life I am more concerned with what is “eating me” rather than what I am eating.  My digestion system reacts to all four of these realms.  My stomach does not do well when I am fearful or worried.  During fear and worry my digestive apparatus is more concerned with fighting, running or strategizing rather than receptivity and nourishment.  During fear my mouth gets dry, guts tighten up and my muscles get tense.

During the opposite experiences of gratitude and peace my mouth salivates, muscles relax and intestinal track loosens up.  Gratitude and peace provide for complete nourishment no matter what we are eating.  Traditionally most people have a history of families praying, offering thanks and enjoying meals together.  These practices are 100 % consistent with the known mechanics of our physiology.

The nude component, however, may provide some comic relief.  That’s always good for digestion.

For further info Google:

“How Nudist Vegans Sparked a Jazz Classic”


“Lebensreform Movement”



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