Doctor Dohn's Blog 11-13-18

What Happened First?

Doctor Dohn's Blog 11-13-18
Doctor Dohn’s Blog 11-13-18

I was watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory.  In this scene  Sheldon, Raj and Howard are sitting around the living room.  Leonard walks through with his head hung low, kind of shuffling and appearing very sad.
Raj says, “What’s the matter with Leonard”
Sheldon says, “Oh, he just broke up with his imaginary girl friend”
Everybody goes, “Ohhh bummer, too bad, poor Leonard”

And the audience laughs.

The real or imagined heartbreak that Leonard suffered had   physical effects on his body, his posture, facial muscles, digestion, breathing, his expression and whole life in the moment.
What existed totally in his mind had dramatic effects on the “matter” of his body’s physiology and his personal expression.  Everyone else in the room could “feel” it as well.

The big question that our current science cannot begin to answer is:
“What came first, Mind or Matter?”

All of our notions of time are based on the Sun, planets and stars.  Before the planets and stars existed, what was “time”?

I can think or grieve, anger and joy myself into all different manner and matter of health conditions.  In the realm of “Physician heal thyself” I have become my own research and development department.

And the beat goes on.
Maybe it’s “Mind Equals Matter” to varying degrees?
Complete acceptance helps me when I can get to that.
And maybe there really are disembodied spirits moving us along.
The Mind before the Matter.

Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC

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