Doctor Dohn Blog 10-30-18

Innate Intelligence

Doctor Dohn Blog 10-30-18
Innate Intelligence

The early Chiropractors professed this strong belief in what they called “Innate Intelligence”. This is the beneficial power that has us heal, grow, reproduce and express ourselves to the fullest. The early Chiropractors held that this power is inborn in all of us. Our task is to remove any barriers to this expression. The removal of the physical barriers is what the adjustment facilitates. All the barriers to this Innate Intelligence may very well be the great mystery’s of our lives. These barriers are always a combination of physical aberrations, emotional blocks and mental stories. We are body, mind and spirit.

Our books, television, movies and news are all filled with these “mystery, who done it” stories that captivate our attention. It just might be that our fascination with these stories is based in our attempting to subconsciously define our own lives. Is it our genes or horoscopes or early childhood or solar flares or the tides or the government or nasty chemicals in our food and air or our neighbors or spouses or the Russians that are causing our personal troubles?

They all may have some influence. But maybe we keep them in place ourselves. Chiropractic adjustments and help of any kind is always available when we reach out.

And we feel good afterward for a while. With the adjustment or asking for help we feel better right away. And like exercise you do have to keep doing it regularly.

Innate Intelligence, when it is working, is amazingly creative. Look at this world we have created. Wow. We can handle anything with ease. Probably even our health.

I need to keep speaking and reminding myself of this. I spent many years trying to eat or drink or smoke myself into feeling good. None of that worked any better than the horoscopes. When I begin to empower my own, inborn, Innate Intelligence I even feel more optimistic about the future.

Maybe Granddaughter Matilda at 4 ½ will have a fulfilling, challenging and healthy world to grow and live in. I am counting on your Innate Intelligence to help me create this world for her.

Thank you.


Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC

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