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Focused Attention

         We went to Descanso Gardens Enchanted Forest of Lights this year. In addition to marvelous light shows, there were classical musicians and singers performing. We came upon a quartette from the Duarte High School Choral Group singing Christmas standards. I became totally entranced by their singing. I got up close and began moving with the singing and maintaining eye contact with the singers. As I totally focused on them, they actually seemed to get better, tighter, more harmoniously together. I have had this experience before in my days in the music industry. I have discovered that my focused attention has power to affect who and what I focus on. When I focus on how great someone is they get greater…when I focus on how stupid they are, they get stupider. Such power in our focused attention.

         In my practice I could discipline myself to focus on how great and healthy my patients are……….maybe even myself in the process. Then our aches, pains and difficulties are merely side effects of being great.

         Like you, for instance.

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