Good Reads from the Doctor

Enthusiastically I report four books that have changed my life dramatically in the last two months:
“Breath” by James Nestor who has changed the way I breathe, sleep and stopped my snoring. I now jog and sleep with a 1 inch piece of scotch tape holding my lips together. This increases endurance and peaceful sleep and discourages mouth breathing.
“Wim Hof Method” that has inspired me relax into discomfort and to enjoy a cold shower each morning. Mr Wim Hof was featured on the David Letterman show when he sat in a bathtub of ice cubes for one hour and his body temperature did not drop. He also climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in shorts and a T-Shirt at 19,000 feet in zero temperatures. All with breath control
“Braiding Sweetgrass” by poet botanist Robin Kimmerer that has me mesmerized with the wisdom of Mother Earth and all the lessons of growth, sharing and balance that live in the dirt around us all the time. I am so appreciative of the give and take of our natural lives of plants, dirts, air and fire.
I was at first upset that these books seemed so much better than my book. But then again it may be my book that opened up the imagination and body awareness to get something from the other books.
Also I am on Day 35 of The 60 Day Challenge from Mission Six Zero, based on the book “Deliberate Discomfort”. Deliberate discomfort is putting it mildly at what I have agreed to do each day for 60 days. With the support and discipline of Special Forces Rangers, Green Beret’s, Navy Seals and War College instructors I am getting educated and whipped into shape like I have never been. The meditation part is taught by the Navy Seal by the way. The exercise part includes two hours a day and takes into account my age and limitations…..I am so happy to be 74 years old.
Those of you that want to consider a life giving challenge may check out this program and the books for yourself.
Life is such an adventure.
Love, Dr Jim

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