Always Answered

God Dwells Within You as You
See God in Each Other
The Fairy GodMother or GodFather will Save the Day
We are an evolutionary accident
There is no proof for faith
Higher Power
Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny
St Christopher medals
A rabbit’s foot
The tooth Fairy
Your Totem Animal
GrandMa’s Spirit
Quartz Crystals
Innate Intelligence
The Horoscope
Life Force
The Force Be With You
There are no Atheists in fox holes
The first prayer is “Help”
(in my world, they all get answered, one way or the other)

“Unconceal what I feel,
Get down to the bone,
Oh God, don’t let me
Ever be alone…”

We are never alone.
And sometimes I forget.

Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude for you all in my life.

Love, Dr. Jim

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