Enjoy the Moment

In one week I attended four “celebrations of life” for people that have passed on.  These are always reminders of what’s important in life.

George A was an active mentor and guide to many people.  There were close to 200 people at his Memorial. Several people remembered that his standard support statement to his people was always the same:

“Enjoy the moment”, he would say.  And then “get on to the next indicated thing ”.

This is the story from his service that has stayed with me:

Several days before George died in the hospital, he was visited by his friends and family.

They asked, “George, how are you doing today?”

George responded with, “I’m doing fine. I’m enjoying the moment.  I have friends and family visiting. I can look out the window at the beautiful day. I am really enjoying the moment.  Those doctors over there; they got problems.  Not me, I’m enjoying the moment”

What a great message for whatever circumstances we are going through at the moment.

Thank you George.

Then during this week I attended a Yoga and Meditation class with Larisa Stow here in Long Beach.  She is great.  Here is her web site:


During the class she reminded us all how our Heart makes a benevolent and caring leader and our mind is a great problem solving servant.  When we forget that the Heart is for leading and the mind’s clever and fearful worried voice in our head takes over, then we do not feel so good.  This is important to recognize is all aspects of care for our body.

Always when our body is in pain or dysfunction it is necessary to be with the Heart-felt expressions in both the patient and the doctor.

Bodies will do what bodies do.  In our heart is understanding and acceptance, which often leads to health, even when we do not immediately know it.

For the doctor and patient both.  We strive to let our Heart lead.

This is what we do in Hellerwork.  We share from the heart as we work with the body.

And “Enjoy the moment”.

Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC


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