What Could Be Better?

I did a plank (static push up position) to a count of 50 today.  This is the first time since my shoulder injury last October.  I have been to 4 Chiropractors, Dr. Webb’s Neuro-Emotional work, 3 Physical Therapists, 2 Acupuncturists, a Mexican Curandera Healer, a Bonny Method Music Therapist, a Structural Integration and Feldenkreis Practitioner (great), two massage therapists, have listened to Dr. Sarno’s book “The Divided Mind” 3 times on audiobooks.  I have also drastically changed my posture with my core chest lifted and shoulders relaxed and down behind me.  I have also included 600 reps of upper and mid back exercises on a daily basis.

And I have learned more in 4 months about shoulders and healing than 30 years of personal practice as a doctor.

I am so grateful for my frayed bicepedal shoulder tendon at age 71.  And even more grateful for my body that automatically heals if I stop damaging it.  And that I learned how to stop damaging it.

Old dogs can learn new tricks, go figure.  They can learn if they are willing to ask for and receive help and new information and actions.  And, of course, I had to be willing to invest in my own health and well-being.   What is better to invest in than that?

Daniel, from South LA, now age 17 is more of a young dog.  He called me over the weekend.  He had seen “What the Health” and decided he would be a vegetarian from now on.  He has also completed the CERT training with the LA Fire Department.  And he has a C average (which is a BIG up statistic for him) going into his Senior Year at Banning High.  And he has a wonderful girl friend now.

What’s possible for all of us is way more than what we know.  Our injuries, heartbreaks, failures and challenges are doorways to gifts unimaginable.

Come on Old and Young Dogs, rise up, take the challenge and go for it……..

“Going for it “ may mean extending way beyond your comfort zone in actions taken.  And discovering gifts unimaginable.

What could be better?

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