Posture, Health and Confidence

If you google “Chiropractic and the flu epidemic of 1918” you will find many anecdotal stories of how effective Chiropractic treatment was in those days treating the flu.  According to the stories Chiropractic saved a lot of lives.

I know that most folks who go into this line of work were “touch deprived” of some kind when they were young.  Today newborns in hospitals need to be held and touched or they will die.  This may be the same with us.

Driving down the street I was listening to a radio podcast about how important posture is to a sense of confidence and peace of mind.  I know from my experience with Hellerwork Structural Integration that if I had not been physically touched and moved I would in no way be present to my posture.  I just did not think about it until I felt it.  Now with a shoulder issue that only hurts when I roll my shoulders forward I am constantly reminded to lift my chest up, to point my “solar plexus” to the sun.  When I do that then the pressure on my shoulder disappears and my posture improves dramatically.

Not only do I feel like a “school yard bully” with my chest stuck out but I also feel much more confidant.  And my shoulder stops hurting.

I attribute my ability to be aware of and to alter my posture at age 71 to all the many sessions of Structural Integration and Chiropractic I have received.

Also, the stimulation of my built in immune system is enhanced to deal with things like the flu.  All those folks in 1918 discovered that as well.

A surprising side benefit to altering my posture with the confident expanded chest is the improvement to my golf game.  I feel more in charge of my life.  Go figure.

Even Danny noticed the change.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.  Sometimes they just don’t wanna learn.

Come on in to the office and learn something new kinesthetically. (It’s okay to look up that word )

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