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Divine Right Order?

I had my annual physical from the VA this morning. My blood tests, pressures, sugars, urinalysis are quite normal for a 20 year old man. The doctor was asking me how I do this.

At 77 years old. I worked for and enjoy great health given I’ve broken both ankles, knee surgery, dislocated right shoulder, double hernia surgery and broken neck at age 16. All of which have healed like bodies will do if we encourage them.
I eat what I think is right for me. I never tell anyone what I think they should eat. We are all different. I am of the opinion that it is not “what we eat” as much as it is “what eats us” that effects our health and well-being.
A very wise man once told me “Everything is in Divine Right Order, including our challenges, difficulties and what is eating us.” I have climbed a number of mountains and every time I did I reached a point where I wished, and said out loud, I shouldn’t have done this. And yet I finished the climb(most of the time). Life is a struggle for sure and we are all in various stages of difficulty, struggle, either physically or with our relationships. The Divine Right Order is in simply accepting the challenge and taking the next indicated step, whatever it may be.

My three best friends from high school have passed away. Grief does not look like Divine Right Order. I should have or could have done more to share my good fortune.

I miss my friends.

Even death and grief may be in Divine Right Order. We just don’t know it yet.

Death becomes punctuation, completions to make room for new and it must be experienced with tears, lamentations and regrets.

Human is as good as we get, with our infant beginnings and our well experienced endings.

“Divine Right Order” reminds me that we all have one creator and it’s not me.


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