Doctor Dohn's Blog 3-8-22

The Phenomena of Craving

Whether the cravings are for drugs, alcohol or power; the cravings have more power than we know how to handle. Putin, Hitler, Stalin, the Sackler family and Monsanto were and are driven to feed the cravings of power just like we do with alcohol, drugs or even sugar.

I smoked cigarettes for 39 years after watching my Mother die of emphysema and Dad of lung cancer. The craving won out until I gave up. Most power hungry dictators never give up. The job security of political dictators is based on murder and lies. The job security of substance abuse addiction is also based on murder and lies.

I eventually stopped smoking and needed to make amends to all those I had injured, including myself with the ugly habit. Now, 18 ½ years later I still pick up cigarettes on the street as a reminder of how powerful the cravings are that killed my family. I notice the corporate companies that profit from our health destructions have not taken any actions to make amends. Vapes are the new legal drug addiction.

I have never heard of a Dictator giving up and attempting make amends for harm done.

When the murderous, dictatorial military goes on the move, I am grateful for our military might. I am proud to be a Marine when needed.

The dictators and the drug addicts never-ever look to the future that awaits them.

And we all have to suffer, fight to deal with and contain the out-of-control cravings.

Shit happens.

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