Flying Dirt Ball Part 2

         There are 7.8 billion living people scurrying around on this giant water covered dirt ball flying through space. In addition to the people, everywhere in the water, dirt and air is teeming with life. From bacteria to bugs to creatures to plants; life everywhere, teeming, moving, eating dying as best they know how.

       What is interesting is that no microscope can see any substance that is “life”. We can see movement, reproduction but there is no substance, particle, physical matter that can be defined as “life”.

       And what is really interesting is that everything that can be described as alive by virtue of movement and reproduction must eat something else that has been alive. (this may not be good news for vegetarians). Even plants must have decaying plants to survive.  

       And everything that can enjoy life will die soon enough. Regardless of how much money, power or prestige they may have.

       So we all enjoy this quality we call “life”, with its moments of joy and grief and every Human emotion in between. The full gamut of success, failure, creativity, love, hate, intelligence is available to us all equally.

       It may be a big cosmic joke to think that one life is any better than another.

       Let’s just make sure everyone has enough to eat.

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