Doctor Dohn's Blog 9-7-21

Doing the Right Thing

Driving to Ralph’s to buy some salmon for dinner I searched the radio stations for something to listen to. As I turned right onto 2nd Street over the bridge I saw an old friend on a paddle board in the bay under the bridge. Although I have a paddle board I rarely get on it. Doesn’t seem to be any long term value to that kind of exercise. I really need to somehow be useful in the world to justify my existence. I ought to be writing or learning or promoting some beneficial way of something. I had just finished listening to the last audiobook by Annie Jacobsen and was burned out on expose and learning. Science Friday is usually fun and educational. Although it may be that more data is the booby prize for all of us. All the brilliant high IQ’s, power and high positions of the US Government have been total failures in dealing with the clever human passions of the Vietnamese, Afghani’s, Mexican and Central American people attempting to get their basic needs met. The creativity of people, regardless of wealth or positions, regularly subvert perceived power and misdirected efforts of the bullies of the day.
As I pulled into Ralph’s my radio scanner settled on 94.7, the Wave. Continuous easy listening stories of love and failed love with string sections and not so obvious rhyming as the country stations. As I pull up to park, an old Chicago tune comes on that I remember getting loaded and laid while listening to, many years ago. “25 or 6 to 4” very loud from my RAV 4. I turn it off and get out of the car.
There are two empty beer cans and three cigarette butts right outside my door in the parking space right next to the fancy BMW SUV. It is 5:15 in the afternoon, the evening marine weather layer is about to materialize. The parking lot is relatively empty. I notice two empty shopping carts in the space next to me. I remember being told by an old Mentor that I should put shopping carts back where they belong, even other people’s carts.
He was probably a nice guy people pleaser too.
I am dressed in my biz casual white shirt with the monogrammed pocket, beige slacks and Stan Smith tennis shoes. Not sure I want to pick up the butts and cans, I may be too cool to mess with the shopping carts. Someone else needs to do a good deed today.
I smoked and threw cigarette butts for over 39 years. So there is a karma to consider here.
The security guard walks by, as I am standing there.
I say, “Hi, do I need a mask to go inside”
He says, “Yeah, you’re supposed to. Gotta be careful for all our sakes”
I say, “Thank you” and reach back into my car for the mask.
All I am after is some salmon for dinner. I am certainly glad I do not get caught up in considering the plight of the Salmon whose role is to be food for their contribution to life.
I’m just hungry for some healthy protein. I will eat him or her with some gratitude.
I reach down and pick up the three cigarette butts and the beer cans to take to the trash as I push the carts back to where they belong. I can disinfect my hands at the entrance to Ralph’s.
Doing the right thing always seems to be the best course of action.

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