Doctor Dohn's Blog 10-19-21

Cynthia Lester

This morning I had a telephone reading with my favorite psychic advisor, Cynthia Lester about my marriage commitment. As prearranged she called me from Tucson Arizona. The phone buzzes, jiggles, displays her name, and as I reach to answer it I knock over the small jar of cbd cream onto the floor, I ignore it and answer the phone:
“Hi Cynthia, long time no talk to”
She replies, “Yes, Jim, long time. How long have we known each other, 35 years”
I say, “Yep. You did a reading for me when I was 40 and noticed that my life at that point had been chaos, 38 addresses, 37 jobs, running and hiding”, I said “You told me it would get worse if I did not get some divine intervention. You took me to my first AA Meeting.’
“Yeah”, Cynthia said, “Your future did not look so great. I am so happy you made the big turns.”
She continued, “So how is your family, Jennifer, Matilda and Frances?”
I said, “They are all fine, Matilda is seven years old and playing base-ball, only girl on an all boys team. Jennifer is still single Mom and not too happy about it. Frances is recovering from her stroke and cancer. I see Frances every week to take care of her.”
Cynthia says, “Yeah, aging happens to all of us. I know, me too. I’ve had some skin cancer scares myself. Ah well. How about you?”
“Well”, I said, “Three weeks ago I wasn’t. I had a lengthy skin cancer surgery with some complications afterward. For a week after I had Thrush in my mouth from too much antibiotics and swallowing was like choking on razor blades. I lost 10 lbs in a week. Yuch for me. Okay now though”
I continued, “So here’s the why of my call to you. Patti’s birthday was 6 days after the surgery. During our first thing in the morning prayers, for her birthday present from me, with my raspy voice, I ask her to marry me.”
“Wow” Cynthia said, “That is absolutely great. How long have you two been dating?”
“Ten years”, I say, “However we have broken up at least 5 times. We have settled those issues by simply not telling each other when we break up, and not going anywhere”
“Ha-ha-ha” Cynthia laughs
“So I am calling you cause I have not been breathing right since I asked her and I feel I am afraid of the commitment at my age……75 aint no spring chicken”
“Jim, you have grown so much, you don’t even know. Patti is the best thing that has happened to you. I’ll bet former wife Frances even thinks so. Congratulations.”
“Yes”, I say, “Frances gives a blessing and so has my daughter and granddaughter, they love her”
“Listen”, she says, “As soon as you make a commitment like that, a wall of historical relationship failures from your youth will rear up to scare you. They are not real anymore, Jim.”
“All right”, she says, ”Let’s get on with your reading. Sit comfortably, arms and legs uncrossed, no interruptions for an hour or so. You okay now with all this?”
“Yep”, I say as I sit quietly in the pleasant surroundings of my office with the fireplace, not burning, the mantle with the signs that say “laughter is the best medicine” and “the power that made the body heals the body”. I am now sitting in the chair by the bodywork table in front of the venetian blind covered picture window. Family photographs, professional certificates and diplomas adorn the walls. The three level book case houses my doctorly books. Under the picture window are three small plastic dinosaurs, wooden blocks, assorted toys, balls and jacks for the kids to play with when they come in. I have a small trash can filled with baseball sized cotton balls that we use to throw around and pretend we are having a snow ball fight. Kids like this place. And me. There is a life size plastic model of a Human Spine and assorted healthy supplements. I am dressed in my business casual white shirt, no tie and stocking feet. I can still smell the tortilla that I burned on the stove top for lunch and there is gentle new age music coming from one of the other offices here. I really love my life and my practice. This room is MY room, I get to be King here.
Cynthia begins, “Looking at your crown chakra I see expansion, growth and guidance…….blah, blah, blah”, she continues. I have heard enough already although she will go on for another 45 minutes with guidance, both good and bad but I like to hear the good stuff.
I put her on speaker phone, get up, pick up the jar of cbd cream and grab my cup of coffee then sit back down like the good boy that I am. I’m not supposed to move from the chair and she can’t see me anyway. Besides, rules are made to be broken sometimes.
And I am so happy Patti and I are getting married at last.

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