Allow Gravity to Caress Your Body

Doesn’t that sound better than “Stand up straight”?  Or “Sit up straight”?

Mother Earth really does hold us here and it is a losing proposition to fight with her.  And we become much more sensitive to our life when we allow Mother to caress us.

            We live in gravity like fish live in water.  They and we are not conscious of the fabric of forces that shape our physical structure.  Even our habitual addiction to chairs does chronic damage to our backs and health.

            There are cultures where toilets like we have do not exist.  Those people must squat regularly.  And they all have muscle tone and strength in their pelvic floor.  Child birth is not nearly so painful as it is here.  And men have far fewer prostate problems because that part of their body is used regularly.

            Many of us walk and stand, unconsciously, with locked knees.  This leads to a heavy foot kind of walk.  All that bodyweight pressure from each step then impacts the knees and hips.  Our culture has an enormous number of hip and knee replacements simply because we are not conscious of gravity and it’s effects.

            The people who run Ultra-Marathons of 50 or 100 miles walk and move different than most of us.  Their heels never touch the ground.  They push off with short steps from the ball of their foot.  This allows for the knees and hips to stay flexed and spring like so they do not wear out.  If these distance runners came down on their heels they would not last long at all.

            These are all examples of the difference between ignoring or fighting with Mother Earth’s gravity or paying attention to moving with the cooperation of Mother Earth’s gravity.

            This is essentially what is taught in Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga classes.  Moving with grace and ease is also the guiding principles of the Hellerwork Series.

            Beginning to make a regular habit of moving with grace and balance has a way of making all of life easier to be with.  Regardless of what is going on in the world or the news or my family I can find some instant peace by fully allowing Mother Earth’s gravity to embrace and caress me as I move.

            Life becomes fun and peacefully flowing in the moment

            Come join us and maybe learn a new way to be.

            Everything in the world may very well be in divine right order; challenges and all.

PS:  Daniel Hoover teaches a Tai Chi Class each Sunday at 9:30AM at Heartwell Park.  There is no charge for this.  I teach Yoga at Yogalution on Broadway regularly.  The cost is by donation.  Long Beach is a city full of movement classes to support you.  Come on in….Gravity is fun.

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