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For Good Reason

4:00 AM, New Years Eve,

World Meditation for Peace

Sponsored by Lakewood’s

“Living Beyond Limits”

Zoom Event, Open to Everyone,

Quietly Contemplating Peace,

For All,

Including those 6 people that hate me, for good reason,

And will not talk to me,

Of course those that I will not talk to anymore,

Also for good reason.

Always for good reason.

During the Meditation I made a list of all those I could remember that I either offended or was offended by……

Rarely intentionally but just as damaging to our sensitive “feelings”.

I really did have 38 jobs prior to being 40 years old. And lived at 37 addresses.

That is a lot of unfulfilled expectations and running or moving away with no explanation.

Not to mention old relationships, teachers and mentors who loved me, friends I just let fall by the wayside, political adversaries that I judged and criticized, classes I cheated in and rules and laws I broke. Also those I loved, loved me

and I never fully let them know.

Ahhh, “Peace” for all…..good thought, not so easy.

I finished the meditation with 47 people on my list

where peace may be still be wanting.

About one fourth of them have passed on already.

Forgiveness and understanding are the only sane paths to take,

for good reason.

Human is as good as we get.

Me too.

Underneath all our hurt feelings are bubbly, loving everyone, bundles of joy.

And then shit happened.

I forgive me.

Great Meditation.

Happy New Year All

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