Babies in Hospitals Need Touch to Thrive

We need touch and stimulation to stay healthy. “Stay in touch” is a common form of recognizing our connection to another person. Speech and talking, face to face sharing our heart coupled with touch complete the health providing acknowledgement that we are not alone.

I really know this. All the money, power and prestige will not provide the Soul nourishing experience of heartful sharing and safe, respectful touch.

Hellerwork and Chiropractic provide all this. This is why I went into this line of work and service. My isolation in my fears almost killed me in my youth. Hellerwork and Chiropractic care allowed me to see and feel another’s isolation and pain, This gave me the joy of knowing I was not alone. Now I get to provide that connection for others.
Human is as good as any of us get and none of us are ever really alone.

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