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People Create Things All the Time

            We create our lives in many different ways. Human Beings have always been very creative. That’s where all this stuff we live with comes from. 

            Some like to argue that we are an evolutionary accident from the Big Bang. And from the Big Bang came parenting, birth trauma, evolution, the government, astrology, the various Gods, devils, foods and any number of other forces to blame for our circumstances. Looking for blame is built into the diagnosis codes of modern health. 

            Maybe, just maybe this business of our health may be a function of our own creativity.  This can only be considered if we can consider ourselves to be spiritual beings, ethereal  invisible critters.  And we create our lives complete with compassion, grief, pain, death, joy, laughter, love, the whole gamut of our existence.

            I had reached a point in my life where I was a total failure. A failure in finances, health and relationships at age 40.  I was out of ideas and could not manage my life. I began asking for help from an unseen force that I have come to call “Our Creator”. And I got help.  A lot of it. 

            It seems I was only willing to consider this invisible help after I had completely given up on my own ideas.

            Since then, this idea of spiritual help is very real to me.

            “Our Creator” as I experience He/She lives within me and everyone else that moves, breathes and has a heartbeat. I rarely say it out loud but when I am listening to someone’s story of their health, I quietly, to myself only, listen for how they may have created the whole scenario themselves. Of course I am empathic and compassionate for the suffering and loss. That is all part of being Human. I never, ever accuse someone of causing their own difficulties but I listen for how they may benefit or learn somehow from the difficulties. Even if the difficulties lead to dying. I was a Cancer Support Hospice volunteer for 26 years. I am intimately aware of our beginnings and endings.

            It turns out the worst day in my life at 40 was the best thing that ever happened to me. There is something respectful about considering people to be creative rather than evolutionary accidents.

            We may learn a lot to carry and create into the next life. Maybe, just maybe. I do not know for sure.

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