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A Lifetime Task?

Since the early 1990’s I have participated in a mythopoetic men’s drumming and story-telling group. We are the Wide Sky Men’s Council. Sometime in the early 90’s we were visited by an African Medicine Man who went by the name Patrice Malidoma Some’. He had recently completed a pHd at Brandeis University and was publishing a book here in Southern California. He was a bit short of funds so several of us agreed to pay him for personal Lifetime readings.

My reading took place on the floor in a living room in Studio City. A multicolored square carpet with seating pillows on either side greeted me. On each of the four corners of the carpet were small piles of bones, rocks, dried herbs, sticks and amulets of various colors.

Patrice greeted me in his colorful robe with the small cap and pointed for me to sit across from him on the pillow. He then began looking up around the room and speaking as he held and/or tossed some of the objects in the air and then gently laid them back down. After each speaking and handling he would look me in the eye and then look up and back to me. Several times he reached over and touched my hand or foot, looked up and spoke some more. I did not recognize the language.

Then he stopped and looked deeply into my eyes.

To paraphrase here, this is what I remember he said:

“Jim, your North is wide open. You have a direct channel to Great Spirit. It’s beautiful and open and when you know it you really know it. Great Spirit can speak through you”.

He continued:, “And Jim your East and West are conscious, skilled and powerful. No wonder you are a Body Worker. You can heal, build, create or destroy with your hands in the East and the West.”

Then, with a look of concern, he said, “Jim, your South is completely cut off. There is nothing there. No channel for energy, no fire can generate through you. It’s just cut off. All of your gifts are only available within a couple of feet of you. You have no fire.”

I laughed nervously and said, “That’s probably why I do Bodywork with people real close.”

He said, “Maybe; but your task this life-time is to build a relationship with fire.”

“How do I do that?”, I asked.

He said, “You should always be the fire tender. Have a fireplace nearby, burn candles, wear red clothes and red jewelry…….begin to be the fire that has important messages to convey. This is your lifetime task.”


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