Dr Dohn's Blog 7-3-19

Little by Slowly

Dr Dohn's Blog 7-3-19
Dr Dohn’s Blog 7-3-19

Little by Slowly


July 1984 I am in Marion Klein’s office for my Hellerwork Series of deep tissue bodywork, dialogue and movement. The “Body, Mind and Spirit” of health care is often ill-defined. The Hellerwork Process is the closest I’ve experienced to including all of the body, mind and spirit of health care.

She has just finished Session #7of the 11 session series, where she performed a cranial procedure of the bones of my skull. This session was instrumental in disappearing my migraine headaches that I had suffered with for 22 years.

Marion was interested in the Olympic Games going on, so after she finished the procedure she left me alone and went to watch the Olympics. I was stunned with the feeling of “What the heck just happened to me?”. She had not explained the importance of this session. It hurt my head momentarily and then the feeling of major relief.

This 11 Session Hellerwork Series was literally “getting in touch “ with my body as I was learning of my history and habits that resulted in aches, pain and difficulties with everything from coordination, dancing flexibility and digestion.

The wisdom of my own body was being unconcealed.

Just like a community or city where vast portions of the populace are “out of touch” with the main stream citizens, my own body had it’s share of parts of me that felt “homeless”, dysfunctional, addicted and often in pain.

Little by slowly the Hellerwork Series began to settle into me. Now 37 years later I am taking care of myself daily.

I am aware of what I take in that nourishes me. I eat better.

I know and practice that movement of any kind, is life. I exercise

I am aware of and take into account the effects of gravity on me.

Little by slowly my lifestyle has improved dramatically.


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