Friendly Bacteria

The Netflix show “Kiss the Ground” describes how unplowed, unpesticide covered dirt is the best choice we have to deal with global warming. All those weeds and plant debris grow bacteria, bugs and worms that eat up a tremendous amount of carbon. And the soil becomes productive with a minimum of our interference. It is a good show.

The next day after watching this I had a continuing education class in Human physiology and was reminded that our bodies depend on many forms of bacteria to digest the food we eat. We cannot utilize any nutrients without the help of our internal bacteria to break it all down into essential vitamins and minerals.

There is a lesson here about how we feel about immigrants and the people at the bottom of our food chain that do all our agricultural, service and clean-up jobs for us.

All of life is equally important in whatever form it takes. Everybody contributes.

I always ask the name of the person serving me wherever I may be served.

One of my spiritual guides gave me this advice which still works today.

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one”

Even the homeless folks.


For additional research that all life is important:

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