Dr James Dohn

Work Without a Vision is Drudgery…

Dr James Dohn
Dr James Dohn

And a vision without work is a delusion.  There are many variations of this saying.  Ernest Holmes said this one.  Bill Wilson said “Faith without works is dead”.  Werner Erhard said the “Context is decisive in all that we do”.  

What these all add up to is that is necessary to actually get out and walk on a regular daily basis.  The opening video of this blog will be nothing without putting the work in of walking.  When walking you can practice the rest of this and disappear your problems.  ALL your problems exist by virtue of what you tell yourself with that voice in your head.  Some people call that voice their thoughts.  Mostly our thoughts are thinking us and tormenting us with worry and what ifs’.  Walking and looking will silence that voice while you do it.  Really.
And it may be uncomfortable to plan to spend the time walking.  It will be worth it.
In my backpacking and mountain climbing experience (that’s me on Half Dome in Yosemite), what is most valuable is getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  The discomfort of the discipline of getting into shape is well worth the discomfort.  The only option is to become really uncomfortable being unhealthy, stiff and weak.  That is REALLY uncomfortable.
The rest of the saying above is “Vision without work is a delusion; a fantasy”  So if you want to consider a vision of vibrant health and radiant well being into your remaining years, now is the time take that vision and put it to work.
Be kind to yourself.  With Love.
Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC
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