Bozo on the Dirt Ball

Recognizing and aware that I am one of 8 billion people scurrying around on this giant water covered dirt ball teaming with life and flying through space, I got hungry for some chicken and began walking to Ralph’s for some groceries. On my walk I encountered an old friend and neighbor, Scotty also walking.
“Hi Scotty”, I said,
“Jim Dohn, wow”, he said, “Long time no see. You look great”
“Thanks” Scotty, “I said, “You too. Are you still working at Stiltz and taking care of your grand-kids”?
He said, “Yep, same same, except Karen and I aren’t getting along too well these days.”
“Well”, I said, “Let’s walk and talk”
“Okay”, he said, “Let’s do that. First, how do you look so good and healthy these days? You aint no spring chicken”
“Thanks Scotty”, I said, “I figured out I was just another Bozo stuck here flying through space on this dirt ball and that I needed to ask for help sometimes… in health, relationships, career…..and then sometimes I actually accept the help. It pays off”.
“It sure looks like something is working for you”, He said, “Although I don’t wanna compare how I feel with how you look. Me and Karen we’re not feeling so good these days. Mid life or Late life crisis maybe for both of us”
“Yeah,”, I said, “Getting older is not necessarily wiser, that’s for sure”
“Been cheating on her? You got a girlfriend?,”, I added
“No”, he replied, “Just bored with it all”
“Bored with all? Or her?”, I ask
“Well,” he says,”No passions and she is always complaining”
“Hmmm,”, I say, “Well bummer for you”
“Yeah,” he says, “We gotta do something. Empty nest and empty life. How do you stay so active?”
“Well,” I say, “Therapy, Seminars, meetings, church, personal trainers help. This Bozo, me, I just need help so I ask and do what is suggested, usually……That’s how I tore the hernia in my belly by overdoing the training business….ah well. Got surgery from the VA. Healing nicely.”
“You’re okay now?”,he asks
“Yep, healing up”, I say
“Hmmmmm,”, he says, “Asking for help is some kind of suggestion, eh?”
“Yep,”, I say, “Relationships, aches in my body, work stuff; I no longer call pain. I call those aches, pains and complaints requests for attention and help.”
“Yeah”, He says, “That’s what she oughta do…get help”
“Hmmm”, I respond, “Gotta start somewhere, probably easier with you.”
“My complaints all start with me”, I continue, “ and I’m just another Bozo flying on this giant dirt ball through space.”
He says, “Huh, what does that mean?”
“Not sure. Life’s not so serious and it may not even be personal. See ya Scotty”, I say, “Gotta go now”

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