A Political Statement

I was playing golf with three friends on a hot afternoon at Sky Links Golf Course. On this course, as with most golf courses, they have marshalls that drive the course, carry water, keep the pace of play happening and generally are of service to the golfers.

We were on the 12th hole waiting our turn to tee off when the marshall drove up and asked me if I wanted any water.

I replied, “No thanks”,

Then he turned to my friends and said, “You guys want any water?”

Todd, my friend, said “Sure, thanks.”

So the marshall stopped the cart, got out, went around to his gator-ade container with the water and took the lid off. He had cut up lemons in the water and the fragrance of fresh cut cool lemons caught the breeze and enveloped my face. I turned toward the water and was mesmerized. My stare fixed on where this lovely smell was coming from. I was frozen for a moment.

Then the marshall looked at me and said,

“It’s your mind, you can change it if you want.”

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